Theatre History

Jackson Bryer, Professor Emeritus of English, University of Maryland; President, Thorton Wilder Society; Director, Scholars Conference, William Inge Theatre Festival

Michael Greenwald, Professor of Theatre Arts/English, and Director, International Studies Degree Program, Texas A&M University

Stuart J. Hecht, Associate Professor of Theater, Boston College

Julie Jackson, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre, Marshall University

Ira Nadel, Professor of English, University of British Columbia, author of David Mamet: A Life in the Theater

Lee Orchard, Chair and Professor of Theatre, Valparaiso University

Jeffrey Sweet, Playwright; author, Something Wonderful Right Away: An Oral History of the Second City & The Compass Players

Sarah Zimmerman, Special Collections and Preservation Division, Chicago Public Library

Andy White, Associate Professor of Theatre, Valparaiso University

Albert Williams, Senior Lecturer, Columbia College; Chief Theater Critic, Chicago Reader

Don Wilmeth, editor, Cambridge Guide to American Theatre; Cambridge History of American Theatre; Staging the Nation

Alan Woods, Associate Professor of Theatre; Director, Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute, The Ohio State University

Intersecting Discourses

Thomas Bowsman, J.D., Ocala, FL, contract, property, estate and corporate law

Betsy Burow-Flak, Associate Professor of English, Valparaiso University

Larry Baas, Professor of Political Science, Valparaiso University

Alan Bloom, Assistant Professor of History, Valparaiso University

Mike Longan, Associate Professor of Geography and Meteorology

Jon T. Kilpinen, Dean College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Geography, Valaparaiso University

Daniel E. Saros,  Assistant Professor of Economics, Valparaiso University

Diana Sinton, Chief Program Officer, Latitude GIS Initiative, National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education, Middlebury, VT


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