Paul Barile

Founder of n.u.f.a.n ensemble; co-founder of Another Chicago Theatre but cut all ties because he disagreed with changes in ACT's artistic philosophy.

Dates of birth: September 15, 1962

Place of birth: Berwyn, IL

Education: St. Leonard's School (expelled in 1976)

Lavergne Elementary School - graduated 1976

Morton West High School (Berwyn) (expelled in 1977)

Morton East High School (Cicero) (expelled in 1978)

Romeoville (IL) High School - graduated 1981

Morton College (Cicero) A.A. 1992

Columbia College (Chicago) B.F.A. 1992

Graduate work in early childhood education at National-Louis University (Chicago).

Factors influencing your choice of a theatrical career: My parents. . . the greatest people who ever lived. My father, Roland "Lefty" Barile, worked in transportation and loved the theater. My mother, Nancy, was a costume designer and sometime actor and is also a Buddhist nun.  I have been involved in something theatrical almost my entire life.

Names of theatrical mentors and the nature of their importance to your
development as an artist: Jeff Sweet - his books make everyone who reads them a better writer/actor/person. June Pyskacek - a huge motivator and great teacher. Ann Noble - another awesome teacher and support system for emerging writers

Date and production title of your professional theatrical debut: I did some strange touring kids' theater in the 1970s. I got paid 35 bucks a show. Back then that was the freakin' big time.

Reasons for choosing to work in Chicago: There is no better theater city than Chicago. I have created a few things here that are fast becoming traditions. I created a thing called Monodogs of War which is a spontaneous monologue competition. I created Seven Plays in Seven Days which is just that. We solicit seven Chicago-based ten-minute plays and seven directors and seven casts and they have seven days to prepare. We charge seven bucks. It sells out every year.

I also do a lot of mentoring for young artists and a lot of public relations for young companies. I do this thing where I work for a bucket of chicken. It started out as a joke, but a lot of companies can't afford a PR person. They can afford, however, a bucket of chicken. I get the press out. They get the extra-crispy out. It is a great deal.

Generally Chicago is characterized by the grittiness - the real soul-cutting work.

Chicago is a place where you can create and develop as an artist.

Chicago is a hungry place - a place where you can clamor to the kitchen for a healthy serving of Wilson or Shephard and maybe a side order of improv.

Chicago is a forgiving place where reinvention is a possibility.

Chicago is a fearless place where naked boys sing and Broadway is redefined - and enhanced.


Source: E-mails September 7 & 18, 2007

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